Biden’s Crime Family Questions Scare the White House.


Joe Biden is witnessing the walls crumble around him as Hunter, the author of "Laptop from Hell," continues to expose the family's wellspring of lies and deceit.

Hunter Biden's laptop included proof to the contrary, despite Joe Biden's repeated claims that he has no knowledge of his troublesome son Hunter's business dealings with some of the United States' most powerful adversaries, such as China and Ukraine.

The White House and other major media outlets worked together to discredit the material obtained on Hunter's laptop via a campaign of deception. Russian disinformation may have been a factor in the release of damaging papers, which is why the administration referred to it as "Russian Disinformation."

Strange how Jen Psaki was able to comment on Hunter Biden’s laptop when it was “Russian disinformation,” but dodges now that it’s confirmed by The New York Times.

— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) March 18, 2022

Unfortunately for Biden, many news organizations, including the New York Times, which is renowned for its continuous backing of Democratic causes, have demonstrated that the contents of Hunter's laptop are true. This problem is becoming more difficult for the White House to shake off.

Biden's prior claim that he was uninformed of his son's business links in China was entirely debunked by the most recent stunning revelation revealed on Hunter's laptop.

In a voicemail left on the "Laptop From Hell," Joe Biden can be heard discussing an upcoming New York Times piece with Hunter. Hunter Biden's international business transactions were the subject of an article written by his father, and the elder Biden responded to his son by saying, "I think you're clear.

That Hunter does business in China is something Joe is not afraid to say out loud.

NEW: In 2018, Joe Biden left a voicemail for Hunter saying he wanted to talk to him about a New York Times report on Hunter’s business deals in China.

Biden repeatedly said he “never discussed” business with Hunter.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 27, 2022

Joe Biden officially began his presidential campaign five months after leaving this note for Hunter.

In an effort to avoid questions about the "Laptop from Hell," White House officials are seeking to divert any questions about why President Biden lied to the American people.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned by Fox News journalist Peter Doocy if President Biden stands by his claim that he was uninformed of Hunter's China-related businesses.

According to Jean-reaction, “What the president said stands, so if that’s what the president said, that is what stands.”

Biden's lack of candor about the laptop "squares with his vow to always 'level' with the public," Doocy asked the press secretary. Doocy insisted on getting a response from the press secretary.

He urged Doocy to get in contact with Hunter's legal counsel since Jean-Pierre was growing more upset by the line of questioning.

Karine Jean-Pierre has absolutely no answer for why Joe Biden left a voicemail for Hunter in 2018 saying he wanted to talk about the Biden family business dealings in China.

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 5, 2022

Amazingly, even in the face of major crises, Democrats are able to avoid public scrutiny yet the least indication of wrongdoing by a Republican invariably has serious consequences, including the potential of impeachment.

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