Canada’s PM Trudeau Turns to Instagram for Marital SOS – Split Ahead!

In a shocking announcement, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie have revealed their separation after 18 years of marriage. And how did they choose to make this personal and private announcement? Well, they took to Instagram, of course! In an Instagram post, Trudeau wrote, “Sophie and I would like to share the fact that after many meaningful and difficult conversations, we have made the decision to separate.” He goes on to express that they still have love and respect for each other and their family.

Now, I have to say, making this announcement on Instagram seems a bit odd to me. I mean, if you’re looking for privacy, that’s probably not the platform to choose. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a conservative Republican news writer with an opinion.

But seriously, it’s important to remember that despite our political views of Trudeau, they are still a family going through a tough time. I do feel bad for their children who are innocent in all of this. However, I can’t help but question Trudeau’s plea for privacy when he chose to make the announcement in such a public way.

In any case, Trudeau has a lot on his plate right now. Not only is he dealing with personal issues, but he also has to navigate the political landscape, including a potential Chinese interference in Canadian elections. Marital problems certainly won’t make things any easier for him.

Looking at Trudeau’s Instagram account, it’s clear that he usually reserves it for more political matters, such as photos with other world leaders. Seems more appropriate to me. But hey, maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

All in all, Trudeau’s choice to announce his separation on Instagram is just another example of him not being taken too seriously. Sure, it’s a personal matter, but he’s a public figure and should know better. Maybe he should take a page out of his father’s book, who may have been a “swinger” and a “playboy statesman” but at least knew how to govern. But then again, Trudeau the Younger is not much of a statesman himself. So while I feel for the Trudeau children, I can’t help but shake my head at the choice of Instagram for this announcement. Seriously, Instagram?

Written by Staff Reports

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