DOJ Attempting To Skirt Trump’s Attorney-Client Privilege

Federal prosecutors are attempting to take an unprecedented step in the case against former President Donald Trump by attempting to compel the testimony of his lawyer before a grand jury. This order comes from the special counsel reviewing the allegations that Donald Trump mishandled classified information, which could lead to similar charges against President Joe Biden. This move to shred attorney-client privilege is not a new strategy, as the Mueller investigation leaked a fake story about a FISA warrant on Paul Manafort to convince a judge to compel his attorney to testify.

The “crime fraud” exception is being used by prosecutors to circumvent attorney-client privilege. This exception allows prosecutors to investigate conversations between a lawyer and their client if they suspect that the conversations were in furtherance of a crime. It is unclear what questions the government is trying to force the lawyer to answer.

The Department of Justice has come under scrutiny for their handling of the Biden classified document fiasco. Allegations have been made that the DOJ is intentionally bungling the probe, relying solely on Biden’s private attorneys as gospel regarding the chain of custody. Furthermore, agents have not exhibited any sense of urgency when recovering the sensitive files vis-à-vis Trump.

The move to compel Trump’s lawyer to testify before a grand jury is an aggressive legal strategy that could have far-reaching implications for attorney-client privilege. It is an attempt by federal prosecutors to find any evidence that could lead to an indictment against Trump, since they cannot beat him in court. This order has raised questions about the sanctity of attorney-client privilege and what this means for future cases involving classified documents.

The implications of this order are yet to be seen, but it is clear that it will have a lasting impact on the legal system. It is a bold move by federal prosecutors that could set a precedent for future cases involving classified documents. It remains to be seen what evidence will be uncovered and if this will lead to any indictments against Trump or Biden.

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