Hypocrite Dem Deflects on Hunter, Tries Blaming Trump on Fox News

In a classic case of hypocrisy, Representative Jake Auchincloss from Massachusetts appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and displayed his masterful skills of deflecting and whataboutism. When asked about Hunter Biden and the fairness of the justice system, Auchincloss couldn’t resist bringing up Donald Trump and accusing Republicans of the very thing he was guilty of. It’s ironic that he accused Republicans of deflection while he himself deflected from the issue at hand – Hunter Biden’s potential crimes.

Auchincloss attempted to appear fair by saying that if Hunter Biden committed crimes, he should face justice. But let’s be real, the plea deal offered to Hunter Biden was far from fair and hardly held him accountable for his alleged wrongdoings. It’s the kind of special treatment that seems to be reserved for the politically connected.

But Auchincloss wasn’t done with his deflection tactics. He went on to claim that Republicans are obsessed with Hunter Biden to distract from the “grave crime” of Donald Trump. It’s clear that Auchincloss wants to keep the focus solely on Trump, conveniently ignoring any legitimate concerns about Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings and their potential implications for his father, Joe Biden.

It’s ironic that Auchincloss accused Trump of sowing doubt in our legal institutions when he himself seems to be doing just that. He dismissed the concerns about the Department of Justice raised by half the country as mere doubt sown by Trump. But maybe Americans have legitimate questions and doubts about the DOJ’s fairness and impartiality, especially considering its handling of cases involving Hunter Biden and Trump.

Even prominent Democrats like Alan Dershowitz have criticized the handling of the indictment against Trump. Dershowitz, a staunch Democrat who has voted against Trump, expressed dissatisfaction with the way the prosecution has gone. He wants to vote against Trump but doesn’t want the prosecutor to deny him that right. It’s a sentiment that many Americans can relate to – the desire for a fair and just legal system that doesn’t selectively target individuals based on their political affiliation.

Auchincloss, however, seems determined to downplay Hunter Biden’s potential crimes and any involvement from Joe Biden himself. He dismisses it as mere smoke created by Republicans, while Trump’s indictment is supposed to be the most important in American history. But what about the concerns that Americans have about election meddling and interference? These are real issues affecting the Biden administration, and they deserve to be addressed.

Democratic leaders like Pete Aguilar also seem to have a dismissive attitude towards concerns about a two-tiered legal system. Aguilar claims that true accountability can only be achieved if there isn’t a separate set of rules for the rich and powerful. But does he really believe that? Democrats have shown time and time again that they have a different definition of accountability – one that conveniently overlooks any wrongdoing by their own party.

The American people are rightfully concerned about the charges against Hunter Biden and the potential targeting of Trump. A recent poll showed that a majority of Republicans and a plurality of Independents believe that the indictments are politically motivated. This doesn’t sound like true accountability; it sounds like a partisan agenda.

So, when Auchincloss and other Democrats dismiss these concerns and accuse Republicans of deflection and whataboutism, it’s clear that they are the ones engaging in those tactics. They want to keep the focus on Trump and avoid any scrutiny of their own party. But the American people deserve better – they deserve a fair and just legal system that holds everyone accountable, regardless of their political affiliation.

Written by Staff Reports

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