J6 Committee To Hear Testimony From Steve Bannon

President Trump’s former campaign manager Steve Bannon has said he will appear before the Select Committee on January 6.

Last weekend, Trump decided to remove Bannon from the executive privilege, which caused a radical change in the previous president’s right-hand man.

The previous President claimed executive privilege over the session, which the former editor of Breitbart News has argued up to this point prevents him from testifying before the committee.

Donald Trump officially approved the waiver of the executive privilege in a letter. According to the letter, Steve Bannon must agree to testify in order for the privilege to be waived.

Steve Bannon’s team almost immediately addressed their own email to the Select Committee on January 6th stating their wish to testify as well as criticizing them for declining to provide him an additional week to submit documents and voting to hold him in criminal contempt. Nearly immediately following the committee’s decision to hold Bannon in criminal contempt, this email was delivered.

They also made public a copy of the letter the former president Trump issued to Bannon waiving executive privilege.

What the Committee seeks to learn through Steve Bannon, who was allegedly ousted from the White House after only seven months because he oversaw Trump’s response to the Unite the Right Rally, is yet unknown. But it’s rumored that Bannon was sent go because he oversaw Trump’s response to the Unite the Right rally. John Kelly, who was at the time Trump’s Chief of Staff, refuted Bannon’s claims that he left on his own accord and had no intention of staying in his position.

Due to his involvement in the “Build the Wall” fundraising effort, Steve Bannon was arrested in the latter half of the year 2020 on federal accusations of conspiracy to conduct wire fraud and money laundering. This campaign made the erroneous assertion that the money received would go toward helping to build a wall around the southern boundary of the United States. These charges were leveled against Bannon. On his final day in office, Trump pardoned him and ordered his release on a $5 million bail.

Given the timeline given above, it is challenging to determine if Bannon had any involvement in the disturbances that took place on January 6th. Since the former was fired, Trump had been openly severing ties with him; however, when the latter was detained, this trend picked up speed. Do you really think the former White House Strategist has important information the President doesn’t want to be revealed?

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