Kennedy Slams Biden: A Greater Threat Than Trump?

In a stunning turn of events, former Democrat and now independent, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., shocked the political world as he threw some major shade at President Joe Biden during a recent appearance on CNN’s Outfront with Erin Burnett. Kennedy, who is running for president as a third-party candidate, boldly claimed that Biden is a “much worse threat to democracy” than former President Donald Trump. Now that’s a spicy take!

Kennedy went on to explain that Biden has weaponized federal agencies to censor his political opponents, including himself. He even won a case in the federal Court of Appeals and is taking the fight all the way to the Supreme Court to prove his point. According to Kennedy, Biden started censoring him a mere 37 hours after taking the oath of office – now that’s some swift government action! Kennedy pointed to Biden’s alleged use of federal agencies to silence political speech and even went as far as to claim that Biden denied Secret Service protection to one of his political opponents for political reasons. Talk about political drama!

But wait, there’s more! Kennedy didn’t stop there. He doubled down and called for an investigation into an alleged Biden bribery scheme because why not stir the political pot even more? It seems like Kennedy is not holding back any punches in his quest to take down Biden, and the political world is eating it up like a juicy scandal.

In response to the backlash, Kennedy refused to balk under the pressure. He adamantly stood by his assessment that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump. Despite Burnett’s attempts to push him into acknowledging Trump as a bigger threat, Kennedy held his ground and reiterated his belief that Biden’s actions pose a more significant risk to democracy. You’ve got to give it to Kennedy – he’s not afraid to swim against the political tide.

In an unexpected turn, polls have shown that Kennedy’s presence in the race could actually benefit Trump rather than Biden, much to the delight of the former President. Trump has even welcomed Kennedy’s entry into the race, labeling him as Biden’s “Political Opponent, not mine.” It seems like Kennedy’s bold statements have caught the attention of political heavyweights, and the plot thickens as the 2024 presidential race heats up.

As Kennedy continues to qualify to appear on the ballot in more states, including North Carolina, it’s clear that his presence in the political arena is causing quite the stir. One thing’s for sure – Kennedy is not afraid to make waves and challenge the political establishment, and it will be interesting to see how his bold stances play out in the upcoming race for the White House. Let the political games begin!

Written by Staff Reports

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