LOL: Obama Makes EMBARRASSING Midterm Endorsement

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama will campaign for John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania. He will be holding a rally in the city to boost the candidate's chances against Mehmet Oz, the Republican candidate.

Although the exact location of the rally is not known, it will likely take place in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, Donald Trump will be holding a campaign event in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, with Republican candidate Doug Mastriano.

The visit by Obama comes as several polls show that the race between Fetterman and Mehmet Oz is close. During their debate last week, voters got a glimpse into Fetterman's struggles with his speech and auditory processing issues, which were caused by his use of a closed-captioning system. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which is his hometown newspaper, also endorsed the Republican candidate.

During an appearance on Sirus XM's Breitbart News program this past weekend, Mehmet Oz noted that the momentum behind his campaign is growing.

The candidate noted that the positive momentum his campaign has gained stems from the fact that he has been able to focus on the issues that affect the lives of Pennsylvanians. He also said that his opponent has been attacking him for his personal issues.

Due to the upcoming elections, Obama has been actively campaigning for various candidates. On Saturday, he visited Michigan to campaign for Gretchen Whitmer, who is running for governor against Tudor Dixon, a Republican. During one point, Obama was reportedly struggling to regain the audience's attention.

During an interview on Saturday, Dixon criticized the decision to bring in Obama to campaign for Fetterman. She said it was too late for the former president to make a significant impact in the race.

Dixon noted that the decision to bring in Obama was also too late, as most of the candidates who are running for office are already from Joe Biden's background. She said that by bringing in Obama, the former president was merely marrying Whitmer's radical policies with her.

On Monday, Obama traveled to Wisconsin to campaign for Mandela Barnes, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. According to the FiveThirtyEight, Barnes is currently trailing Republican Senator Ron Johnson by four points. In Nevada, Obama was able to campaign with several vulnerable Democratic candidates, such as Governor Steve Sisolak and Senator Catherine Cortez-Mast0. In the race between Masto and Republican Adam Laxalt, the former is currently facing a tight battle with Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

On Tuesday, Obama will be in Arizona to campaign for Mark Kelly, the Democratic senator running against Republican challenger Blake Masters, as well as Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for governor against Kari Lake. According to the latest polls, both candidates are neck and neck. However, the candidate for the third-party ticket, Marc Victor, decided to withdraw from the race and endorse Masters. Nine of the eleven race polls conducted by FiveThirtyEight show Lake and Hobbs both at a statistical tie.

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