Poll Reveals: Americans Reject Men Competing in Women’s Sports, Massive Majority Agrees

A recent Gallup poll suggests that when it comes to biological men participating in women's sports, the mainstream news may not be in touch with the average American. The June poll showed that almost 70% of Americans think it's unfair for men and women to fight against each other in organized sports. The number of people who feel this way is going up. In 2021, 62 percent of people felt this way, and in 2023, 69 percent did. Only 26% of Americans think that transgender athletes should be allowed to play on teams that fit their current gender identity.

This poll shows that more and more people are worried that when men play the same sports as women and girls, women and girls get hurt and miss out on chances. Riley Gaines, a former star swimmer at Kentucky who has spoken out about this problem, thinks that the more people see how unfair things are, the more they will be against them. She says that the pendulum has swung too far and that if this keeps up, the risks are high. Gaines says that most Americans agree on this problem, and she thinks that the number of people who don't want men in women's sports to happen will only grow.

The study also showed that more Americans are starting to question whether or not it is moral to change one's gender. In 2023, 55% of those who answered thought it was morally wrong, compared to 51% in 2021. Transgenderism is seen more positively by younger people. Sixty percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 think that changing genders is socially okay. But only 32% of people in the U.S. who are 50 or older agree with this.

As more states pass laws making it illegal for biological males to take part in women's sports, it's clear that the argument about men competing in women's sports will keep going on. Most of the time, the Biden government has been in favor of letting athletes compete based on their chosen gender identity instead of their birth gender. But it seems like most Americans care more about fair competition than transgender human rights.

In the end, this poll shows that the average American is against guys competing in women's sports, and it suggests that the public's opposition will only grow. As this debate goes on, it will be interesting to see how different states and the federal government handle the problem.

Written by Staff Reports

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