Radical Leftist Katie Porter Announces California Senate Bid

On Tuesday, California Rep. Katie Porter announced that she would like to run for the Senate seat held by Senator Diane Feinstein, who is 89 years old.

In an interview with the LA Times, which was conducted last month, she stated that she intended to complete her term but was also considering whether she would retire in 2024. Despite her age, she has not yet announced her intention to retire.

According to Porter, the Senate has become a place where privileges are revoked, special interests are rewarded, and democracy is rigged due to the threats made by so-called leaders such as Mitch McConnell. She went on to say that she would like to be a warrior in Washington and would seek to represent California in 2024.

Porter's decision has put a strain on the already crowded field of potential candidates for the Senate seat held by California Senator Diane Feinstein. One of the prominent individuals who has expressed his interest in running for the seat is Congressman Adam Schiff. In December, he appeared on The Issue Is and stated that he was receiving encouragement from colleagues and members of the California House of Representatives to run for the Senate.

Although he stated that he was considering running for the Senate seat held by Senator Diane Feinstein, Congressman Adam Schiff noted that he was still waiting for her to make a decision regarding her political future.

In an interview, Congressman Adam Schiff stated that he would give serious consideration to running for the Senate if Senator Diane Feinstein decides to retire. He noted that he was still awaiting her statement regarding her plans.

In December, it was reported that California Rep. Ro Khanna and California Rep. Barbara Lee were also considering running for the Senate. According to Jeremy White of Politico, Lee was planning on her future in politics.

On Tuesday, Kelly Hooper of POLITICO reported that the announcements made by Porter did not change the plans of Lee and Adam Schiff to run for the Senate.

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