Rep Goldman Makes Light of Biden’s Heartbreaking Memory Lapse about Son’s Death

During an interview with ABC News on Thursday, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY) responded to Special Counsel Robert Hur's statement in his report regarding President Joe Biden's memory of his son Beau's death by expressing concerns about the President's mental fitness. Goldman's comment reflects the growing unease among conservatives regarding Biden's cognitive abilities. The notion that the President may not recall such a significant event in his life, particularly the loss of a loved one, is indeed alarming and raises serious questions about his capacity to lead the nation and make critical decisions.

The inclusion of Biden's memory lapse in Hur's report is troubling, suggesting that even individuals within the administration are cognizant of the President's cognitive decline. This revelation underscores the importance of having a leader who is sharp and fully in control of their mental faculties, especially given the responsibilities of the presidency.

Moreover, Biden's status as the oldest individual to assume the presidency has fueled ongoing concerns about his overall health, both physical and mental. The disclosure in the report only amplifies existing speculation about his well-being.

In summary, Representative Goldman's reaction underscores the necessity for a thorough examination of President Biden's cognitive abilities. It is not merely a partisan attack but a legitimate concern about the fitness and effectiveness of the nation's leader. The American people deserve assurance that their President is mentally adept and fully capable of fulfilling the duties of the office.

Written by Staff Reports

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