Senator Lee Exposes “Dirty Dozen” Border Bill Disasters

The Senate bill, which some are calling a bipartisan solution, is getting a lot of heat from conservative firebrand U.S. Senator Mike Lee from Utah. Senator Lee has put together what he calls a “dirty dozen” list of the supposed disasters in the whopping 370-page legislation, and boy, is it a doozy. Less than a day after the bill was dropped, Sen. Lee let loose with his list, taking shots at the bill for supposedly not securing the U.S.-Mexico border and actually making Biden’s crisis even worse.

Among the things Senator Lee is really riled up about is the provision in the bill that basically lets illegal immigrants come in and out like it’s a swinging saloon door. The bill even allocates a whopping $2.3 billion for services for unaccompanied illegal immigrant children. Yeah, you heard that right- taxpayer-funded slush fund for the kiddos who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. Senator Lee is also calling out the bill for funding sanctuary cities and NGOs that help shuttle illegals around the country. Who’s even writing this stuff?

But wait, there’s more. Senator Lee is not happy about the bill’s provisions to give free legal counsel to illegal aliens. You read that correctly- free legal help for folks who broke the law to come here in the first place! He’s also pointing out that the bill increases the number of green cards by a whopping 50,000 per year for five years, including for family members and workers. That’s a whole lot of people coming in to snatch up jobs from hardworking Americans.

But that’s not all, folks. Senator Lee is also fired up about the bill’s failure to include anything about deporting illegals or funding for the border wall. Instead, the bill takes money away from wall construction and kicks it down the road for later spending. And if that wasn’t enough, the bill even creates a pathway to citizenship for over 60,000 Afghans who were hastily brought to the U.S. after Biden’s messy Afghan withdrawal.

So there you have it, folks. Senator Lee is letting it rip and tearing apart this so-called bipartisan border bill with his “dirty dozen” list of disasters. Yikes, this bill is chock full of dirty deeds, and it’s anything but cheap. Senator Lee is not holding back, and it’s clear he’s not buying what the other side is selling.

Written by Staff Reports

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