Trump Campaign Pushes for More, Earlier Debates Citing Biden’s Decline

The Trump campaign is demanding more presidential debates and to have them earlier than planned. They believe Joe Biden is not mentally fit to handle the debates. It’s no surprise the Biden campaign has been quiet about this request, as they know their candidate is not up for the challenge.

In a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates, the Trump campaign requested additional debates in 2024 and for them to start sooner due to early voting in many states. They believe that starting the debates earlier will allow more voters to make informed decisions.

It’s clear that Joe Biden’s mental and physical capabilities are declining. His track record as President has been marred by inflation, a crisis at the southern border, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and weak foreign policies. Putting him on a debate stage with the sharp and energetic Donald Trump would only highlight Biden’s shortcomings.

Donald Trump is eager to debate Biden and has expressed his willingness to do so anytime and anywhere. He sees it as an opportunity to showcase Biden’s failures and his own potential to lead the country effectively. The networks are also pressing for a debate schedule to be set, emphasizing the importance of these debates in the electoral process.

It is essential for voters to see the candidates face off in debates to make informed decisions. Debates offer a platform for candidates to present their policies and ideas directly to the American people. It’s crucial for Biden to step up and accept the challenge of debating Trump to prove his competence and readiness for the presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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