We’re Being Bled Dry! The United States will Send Another $2.6 Billion In Military Aid To Ukraine

Ukraine will receive an extra $2.6 billion this week! They are among the most corrupt countries, and they are draining us dry. NOT a democracy, they are. They jailed President Zelensky's leading rival this year alone, outlawed rival political groups, made it illegal to criticise Zelensky or the conflict, etc.

The U.S. will provide Ukraine and 18 other European nations that it considers to be under Russian threat an additional $2.6 billion in military funding. It is for ongoing military assistance. They favour the ongoing conflict. Austin, the secretary of defence, is putting together a $675 million package of military hardware for Ukraine.

The United States is experiencing inflation, yet this $2.6B giveaway is taking place. In addition to more than $40 billion in other help, we have given them $15 billion in military aid. The remainder, including the reduction in US armaments, slipped our notice.

We provide to other countries despite our enormous trillion-dollar deficit and more than $30 trillion in debt. Due to decisions taken now, our debt will be over $40 trillion in ten years. By then, we'll most likely crash.

For this administration and Democrats in general, what is an additional $2.6 billion?

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Independent Sentinel.

Written by Staff Reports

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