Abbott’s Border Busing Bonanza Forces National Awakening on Illegal Immigration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been a strong voice against the federal government’s lackadaisical approach to enforcing immigration laws. He has made it abundantly clear that the Lone Star State will not sit idly by while facing what he describes as an invasion of illegal immigrants. Governor Abbott firmly believes that border states should not bear the brunt of the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration and its accompanying issues.

In a bold move, Governor Abbott initiated a busing operation in April 2022 to transport illegal immigrants to various locations across the country. This decision was fueled by the belief that the issue deserved more attention, and what better way to highlight the gravity of the situation than to send it knocking on other states’ doors?

In a show of solidarity and support, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined the cause by sending illegal border crossers to Martha’s Vineyard, effectively shining a spotlight on the effectiveness of this strategy.

Even the liberal Fox News host Jessica Tarlov, who initially dismissed these actions as political stunts, has had a change of heart. On “Real Time With Bill Maher,” she acknowledged the wisdom behind Abbott and DeSantis’s decisions, recognizing the strain that the influx of illegal immigrants has placed on various locations across the country.

Under Governor Abbott’s leadership, Texas has transported over 12,500 migrants to Washington, D.C., over 37,500 migrants to New York City, over 31,200 migrants to Chicago, over 3,400 migrants to Philadelphia, over 16,000 migrants to Denver, and over 1,500 migrants to Los Angeles. These numbers serve as a stark reminder of the immense burden borne by Texas and the necessity of spreading the responsibility.

The recent assault on NYPD officers by a group of illegal immigrants has prompted New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to call for action. Her resolute stance, urging that all suspects be apprehended and sent back, echoes the growing sentiment across the nation. The influx of illegal immigrants is straining resources and safety in various locations, driving home the urgency of addressing this critical issue.

The actions of Governor Abbott and his counterparts are not mere political theatrics but a strategic and necessary response to the crisis at hand. It’s time for the entire country to acknowledge the tremendous impact of illegal immigration and work together to find a solution.

Written by Staff Reports

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Abbott’s Border Busing Bonanza Forces National Awakening on Illegal Immigration