Adam Schiff Threatens Social Media Companies to Ignore Free Speech…Or Else!

Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, called for the removal of Section 230 of the US Code, which protects social media companies from liability if they fail to address the issue of hate speech and loathing on their platforms.

During a CNN interview last Sunday, the Congressman said that he was worried that a new entrant might buy a social media platform and then try to stop competition.

According to him, Congress should take action against the Big Tech companies for their anti-competitive actions.

According to him, social media platforms are failing to moderate the content they allow. He noted that Twitter was experiencing an explosion of hate speech while it was banning journalists.

Although the journalists were not banned, they were suspended because they violated Twitter's terms of service. All of them have since gotten their accounts back.

During an interview on Tapper, Congressman Adam Schiff stated that he did not think that social media platforms should be protected from liability due to their behavior. He noted that the government had granted them immunity even though it could not tell them what content they could and could not have on their platforms.

According to him, social media companies should be held accountable for their actions instead of enjoying immunity. He noted that they were failing to moderate the content that they allow.

Section 230 of the US Code provides online platforms with immunity from liability for the content that they post. It also allows them to moderate the content they allow by creating their own terms of service. This allows them to remove posts that are deemed to be in violation of their terms of service.

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