Another Criminal Investigation of Donald Trump That Makes No Sense

Once again, Donald Trump may soon be the subject of a criminal probe. The district attorney's office in Manhattan reportedly wants to resume its criminal investigation of the ex-president, as reported by The New York Times. This follows the Justice Department's announcement that a special counsel would investigate Trump's handling of secret materials.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg basically closed the investigation into an alleged "hush-money" payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels in April owing to a lack of progress. In protest, two of the office's top prosecutors working on the case left and went to the public to say that Trump was a criminal who was being let off the hook. It was a shocking reveal of the lawfare that often occurs inside the same institutions we are meant to trust. Nevertheless, it seems that the stress level eventually became too much to bear. The criminal inquiry is now active again, and the district attorney is looking for new methods to put the nasty orange guy behind bars.

The fact that it is plainly a fishing expedition aimed to pursue political agendas is what makes it so pernicious. The district attorney's office has struggled for years to find evidence to support charging anybody with a crime due to the hush-money payment. In fact, they were considering relying on an untested legal theory since they knew they had such a poor case. When Bragg gained office, he immediately scrapped that plan. Now, what prosecutors internally refer to as the "zombie theory" is making a comeback.

Do you think this is how the law is meant to operate?

The goal, as reported by the Times, is to induce Allen Weisselberg to "flip." To increase the pressure, prosecutors are planning to file more charges against the former Trump associate in a separate case. Do you think that's how an impartial judicial system works?Even the Manhattan district attorney may not be clear what the criminal accusation is here. The only apparent goal is to get rid of Trump at any cost, regardless of how problematic that may be legally. The government's combined troops are pouring into the area to do this.Even though I've mentioned it before, it's worth saying again. You may want to consider leaving a "blue" region with a "blue" district attorney. Simply said, they will attempt to ruin you if you don't share their political beliefs, whether we're discussing Trump's case or Kyle Rittenhouse's. You don't want to mess with the government since they have all the power in their hands.

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