AOC Comes After Lauren Boebert In Insanely Stupid Tweet

After the horrific massacre that occurred the other day at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, which left five people dead and many more injured, Lauren Boebert conveyed her condolences on Twitter, similar to how many other politicians have done.

The news, according to Boebert, was dreadful, and she is keeping the victims and their families in her prayers.

In the same tweet, she also expressed her belief that this illegal violence had to come to an end as soon as possible.

You could be thinking that this tweet contains absolutely nothing that could be considered controversial.

And you would be correct, unless you are a bigoted leftist like AOC, who literally accused Boebert of being responsible for this awful shooting:

This past weekend, Fred T commented on how the left was attempting to score points against their rivals on the right, such as Matt Walsh and the Libs of Tiktok, by using this shooting as a distraction.

This whole thing is completely and utterly stupid. Even though I do not yet know what drove the crazy person who opened fire at the gay nightclub, it is not necessary for me to know it in me to comprehend that what the left is doing in this situation is entirely unmoored from the truth.

Let me be clear: I do not support any aspect of the LGBT movement, and I make that position quite clear right here on TRS. But the fact that some jerk goes around and murders people whose way of life I find repugnant does not indicate that I am complicit in what's going on in any way, shape, or form. No one here, including Matt Walsh, Libs of Tiktok, or Lauren Boebert, has any ill will against any of these individuals, and neither do I.

There is no connection between those who disagree with the LGBT movement and expose the movement's negative impact on children and the shooting that took place. It is laughable to even imply something like this, yet this is precisely what the left wants to assert in order to intimidate those on the right into quiet. This whole thing revolves around that one point.

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