AOC Claims Trump Win Would Lead to Dictatorship Warns Democracy at Risk

In the latest news fiasco, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is all in a tizzy, fretting that former President Donald Trump will come after her if he snags the election win in November. She spilled the beans on Kara Swisher’s podcast, expressing her angst about a potential jail stint under Trump’s rule. The Congresswoman seems convinced that Trump is itching to lock her up, citing his past “lock her up” rhetoric as evidence of his alleged vendetta against her.

AOC even went as far as to suggest that Trump might just start rounding people up left and right if he scores another term in the Oval Office. She seems to be convinced that his first term was just a tasty appetizer for the main course of authoritarianism he’s planning to dish out if given the chance for an encore. 


Not content with just sounding the alarm about her own potential fate, Ocasio-Cortez also voiced her fear that Trump’s victory would spell the end of democracy as we know it in the good ol’ U.S. of A. She’s firmly hitched her wagon to Biden’s star, warning that a Trump win could lead to a cataclysmic downfall of the nation’s democratic foundations.

On the flip side of the coin, Trump, when chatting with Sean Hannity on Fox News, clarified that he’s not out for blood and vengeance. He put the kibosh on the idea of seeking retribution, emphasizing the need to stop the divisiveness for the sake of the country’s unity. Despite his tough talk, Trump seems to be trying to ease fears of a post-election witch hunt.

Joining the fearmongering party, actor Robert De Niro hopped on the paranoia train, expressing dread that Trump might personally come knocking on his door if given another shot at the presidency. Sounding like a character in a thriller movie, De Niro painted a grim picture of a Trump victory bringing about apocalyptic scenarios for him and others.

In the end, the dramatics and doomsday predictions from AOC, De Niro, and company add more fuel to the already blazing fire of political polarization in the lead-up to the nail-biter election in November. Whether Trump will truly turn into a jail-happy dictator or if AOC will find herself behind bars remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure – the political theater is in full swing, and the spotlight is shining bright on all the dramatic players.

Written by Staff Reports

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