AOC exposed with secret burner account

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds! Recently, a Twitter user blew the whistle on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for using a burner account to secretly attack her critics. This is yet another example of the liberal left’s dishonesty and deceit.

A burner account is a cowardly way for famous people to post or comment online without standing behind their words. In this case, Representative Ocasio-Cortez used the account to attack critics who dared to question her policies or point out her hypocrisy. How typical of a liberal to hide behind a fake account instead of facing their critics head-on.

The Twitter user who exposed Representative Ocasio-Cortez clearly saw through her lies and was rightfully critical of her hypocrisy. The fact that she felt the need to respond using a burner account means that she knew deep down that her actions were indefensible.

But what’s even more shocking is that the burner account has since been deleted! It’s almost as if Representative Ocasio-Cortez realizes the severity of her actions and is trying to cover up her tracks.

This is yet another example of the liberal left’s double standards and their blatant disregard for honesty and transparency. It’s time for conservatives to stand up and call out this kind of behavior for what it is: a pathetic attempt to avoid accountability and responsibility. Shame on you, Representative Ocasio-Cortez!

Written by Staff Reports

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