Armed Imposter Targets RFK Jr: Biden Admin Denies Protection

Months after Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was unjustly denied Secret Service protection, an armed imposter was apprehended at one of his events in Los Angeles. This incident highlights the urgent need for security measures to protect Kennedy and his supporters from potential threats.

The LAPD received a distress call reporting an individual, later identified as Adrian Paul Aispuro, who was brandishing a loaded gun and impersonating a U.S. Marshal. It is unfathomable that someone would have the audacity to pose as a law enforcement officer and attempt to approach Kennedy, who is the target of dangerous individuals.

Kennedy expressed his gratitude to his private security team for swiftly detaining the imposter and preventing a potential tragedy. Despite this harrowing experience, Kennedy remains hopeful that the Biden administration will come to its senses and grant him the Secret Service protection he rightfully deserves.

It is disheartening that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas deemed Secret Service protection “not warranted at this time”. This decision is a clear example of the left’s lack of regard for the safety and well-being of conservative figures. Kennedy rightly condemns this outrageous determination by calling it a “typical turnaround time for pro forma protection requests”.

Kennedy’s campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, penned an open letter appealing to President Biden to reconsider this dangerous decision. Kucinich emphasizes the increasing threat level to Kennedy, as well as the potential danger for every individual attending his events. Political assassinations have tragically marred our nation’s history, and it is crucial that we take all necessary measures to prevent a recurrence.

One cannot ignore the fact that Kennedy comes from a family that has suffered from the evil of political assassinations. His uncle, President John F. Kennedy, and his father, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, fell victim to these atrocious acts. The scars of these tragic events still haunt the American psyche, and it is our duty to ensure that history does not repeat itself.

Kennedy’s popularity among the American people is undeniable, with his polling numbers and favorability ratings surpassing both Biden’s and even Donald Trump’s. Given his widespread support and the clear threat he faces, it is astonishing that the Biden administration would deny him the protection he urgently needs.

As a former congressman and a longtime acquaintance of President Biden, Kucinich appeals to him on the basis of patriotism, fairness, and good conscience. Granting Secret Service protection to Kennedy is not only a matter of personal safety but also vital for the preservation of democracy and the prevention of political chaos.

It is time for the Biden administration to set aside partisan biases and prioritize the safety of all individuals involved in the political process. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. deserves the protection that his circumstances undeniably warrant. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past, and instead, safeguard our democracy for the well-being of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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