As Biden’s Approval Collapses, Democrats Struggle To Defend His 2024 Run

Any sane person would think Joe Biden is finished. Even modest campaign promises were broken. His Build Back Better Agenda plan failed. Americans blame him for domestic and global crises.

If you ask old Joe, he'll be re-elected. He says he'll easily win in 2024. I guess his handlers are suppressing the dismal approval surveys that have hit his government since last year from Joe.

Despite this, some Democrats pretend Joe will run again.

Some Democrat senators backed President Joe Biden's 2024 presidential run on Thursday despite media opposition.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) told the Hill he plans to campaign for Joe Biden in 2024.

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) believes he'll be the nominee and strong.

Many establishment media groups caution Biden not to run in 2024, citing his age, lack of passion, and failed record.

Laughable. Even left-leaning mainstream media mistrust Biden's 2024 chances. If his low approval ratings don't kill him, his mental health and age will.

Several Democrats support him blindly. And a win. They're in denial.

Let's get specific. Extraordinary events gave Joe Biden the 2020 election. His campaign hid him for months by blaming COVID. No rallies, no stops across America, no rigorous events in the country's greatest election.

Not in 2024. COVID won't protect Biden and Democrats. Joe must run for president as usual. Given his polling, he'll have more motive to do them. Can he handle a difficult few months if he can't finish a sentence?

Skeptical. Senators who claim he's going to be strong are lying. They can't admit Biden's finished. This would torpedo the midterms and Biden's first term. To declare Joe won't run again so early is to concede defeat.

Even if he has congressional support, he'll be a lame duck. Few Democrats want to support a party that will quit in four years.

Biden and his cronies are saying he'll run again to deceive midterm voters. After that, he'll leave.

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Written by Staff Reports

As Biden’s Approval Collapses, Democrats Struggle To Defend His 2024 Run.

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