Auto Workers Strike: Biden’s Green Agenda Threatens to Decimate Jobs!

There are currently about 25,000 car workers on strike in the United States. They don't like President Biden's plans to go green. These workers, who are hired by GM, Ford, and Stellantis, are worried that Biden's rules for electric vehicles (EVs) will cause them to lose their jobs. The workers hope that by going on strike, they will get better wages and reassurances that the EV rules will not affect their jobs.

In interviews with E&E News, auto workers said they were afraid that the EV rules would end their careers in the American auto business. The 28-year-old Whitney Walch works at Stellantis' Portland Parts Distribution Centre. She is worried that if EVs become more popular, parts like spark plugs and oil filters will not be needed as much. "I feel like we don't have a lot to do if we don't have all those parts," she said.

DeJhon Moore, who works at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant, also said he didn't think EVs would be useful. He said, "I don't trust [EVs] to go long distances. I'd rather just follow the rules, get gas, and go about my day." These workers aren't sure that electric vehicles are the way of the future, and they're afraid that they might lose their jobs.

Cornelius Lincoln, the UAW president for GM's distribution warehouse in Roanoke, Texas, talked about how worried car workers are as a group. He asked them if they were sure of keeping their jobs and admitted that the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) will almost certainly mean the end of auto jobs. These workers are worried that the push for electric vehicles (EVs) will put environmental concerns ahead of the jobs of American autoworkers.

According to UAW President Shawn Fain, the main reason for the ongoing strike is that the automaker is supporting the Biden administration's EV plan, even if it means losing jobs and wages. Autoworkers are afraid that they will lose all of their jobs, which would allow China to control the supply lines of important minerals such as nickel, cobalt, manganese, and lithium.

When President Biden went to see the autoworkers who were on strike, he didn't talk to them about their worries that his plans for electric vehicles (EVs) could mean they lose their jobs. In contrast, when he spoke to auto workers in Michigan, former President Donald Trump made these worries clear. He told them that the EV rules could have terrible effects on the car industry and said that he stood with the American workers.

It's clear that car workers are right to be worried about their jobs and the future of the industry under Biden's green plan. Their worries should be heard by the Biden administration, which needs to find a way to be environmentally friendly without putting American jobs and the incomes of hardworking car workers at risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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