Beloved Fox Legend Tearfully Declares Retirement: Read His Last Words

Fox News host and professional wrestler Tyrus made a tear-jerking announcement that he is departing from the wrestling industry after a 20-year career. Many fans who grew up witnessing his larger-than-life persona in WWE, Impact Wrestling, and NWA are shocked by this news. Tyrus disclosed the motivations behind his decision and the path that led to this momentous choice in a frank interview.

"I wanted to continue wrestling so that my children could watch me," Tyrus admitted. He reflected on his boyhood ambitions to be like his heroes Dusty Rose, Mr. Wonderful Paul Warnedorf, and Haku Andre the Giant, and how he was able to realize those ambitions. Now, however, he must focus on a different objective: establishing himself as an author by utilizing the opportunities platform wrestling has afforded him.

The demanding schedule of a top-tier wrestler was also a significant factor in Tyrus's decision. "To become an excellent wrestler, you must compete 300 days per year. You must train," he stressed. This commitment is not only taxing on the wrestler, but also on their family. Tyrus revealed that his children had a say in his retirement, and their unanimous vote resulted in one fewer weekend getaway for their father.

Tyrus reflected on his time as Snoop Dogg's bodyguard, who encouraged him to pursue a career in wrestling. Throughout his tenure, he thanked influential WWE figures such as Triple H and Vince McMahon for their unwavering support.

Tyrus declared with a sorrowful heart, "It's time." This is the end of an era for him in the realm of wrestling and the start of an exciting new chapter in his life. We commend Tyrus's illustrious career and commitment to using his platform to positively influence others. We wish him success in his future endeavors and eagerly anticipate his future achievements.

Written by Staff Reports

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