Bernie Sanders GOUGING Customers On Socialist Book Tour Tickets

Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, has been confronted by CBS News host Margaret Brennan over his apparent benefit from capitalism while promoting socialism. During the exchange, Brennan pointed out that tickets for his new book tour event were selling for nearly $100 on Ticketmaster, a site known for its “anti-competitive behavior.” She asked if he was really benefitting from the capitalist system that he claims to be trying to dismantle. Sanders responded by blaming the bookseller and then claiming that tickets for another event were less expensive.

Brennan then asked if Sanders was “okay doing business with Ticketmaster?” He replied that he was “not particularly” comfortable but that he had to as part of the book “process.” This exchange raises the question of whether Sanders is indeed benefitting from the American economic system.

Politico Magazine reported in 2019 that Sanders had amassed a fortune of millions and owned three homes thanks to people buying his books. In response to questions about his wealth, Sanders has been defensive, saying that if people write a best-selling book, they too can become millionaires. When asked on Fox News if this sort of success was “the definition of capitalism,” he bristled.

It is clear that Sanders has indeed benefitted from the capitalist system that he claims to be trying to dismantle. Despite his attempts to deflect and deny this fact, it is undeniable that he has profited from the system he is trying to change. His book sales have made him a millionaire and have allowed him to own three homes. It is fair to say that Sanders is benefiting from capitalism while promoting socialism.

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