Biden Admin Pushing to Control Auto Industry With Absurd EPA Regulations

The Biden administration has proposed new rules to limit vehicle emissions, which critics are arguing prove that electric vehicles would fail in a free market. The Environmental Protection Agency regulation would set limits on emissions for all types of vehicles, forcing manufacturers who do not comply to face regulatory penalties. This would fundamentally transform the auto industry and would require at least 54% of new vehicles sold to be electric by 2030, while up to 67% may need to be electric by 2032. This is more strict than the 50% EV figure the auto industry agreed to in 2021.

This proposal would put the government in control of an entire industry, which is a dangerous precedent to set. The government has no business dictating market outcomes or punishing companies for not meeting arbitrary EV sales quotas. This overreach is a result of the current administration’s obsession with the climate crisis and their willingness to disregard the principles of a free market economy. Their focus on electric vehicles is misguided and ignores the reality that these cars are not as practical or affordable as traditional gasoline-powered engines.

Moreover, the EPA’s tailpipe pollution limits do not require a specific number of electric vehicles to be sold every year, but instead mandate limits on greenhouse gas emissions. This means that the proposal would force manufacturers to produce and market electric vehicles, which is similar to a ban on traditional engines. This is not a decision that should be made by the government, but rather it’s a choice that should be left to the market.

This proposal is also a gift to the Chinese Communist Party, as China currently dominates the production of electric vehicle components. By setting strict electric vehicle sales quotas, the Biden administration is essentially giving more power to China and making America even more dependent on them.

The Power the Future industry group has rightfully blasted this proposal, stating that EVs simply cannot compete in the free market. It’s important to note that this proposal is not about protecting the environment, but rather about supporting the political agenda of eco-extremists who want to control every aspect of our lives. If Joe Biden is going to force Americans to give up their preferred mode of transportation, then Congress should mandate the White House and every member of the Biden administration to drive EVs exclusively and immediately.

In conclusion, this proposal is a blatant power grab that undermines the principles of a free market economy. It is harmful to businesses, consumers, and the economy as a whole. The Biden administration’s obsession with electric vehicles will do nothing to address the climate crisis, but it will harm the American people and the country’s global competitiveness. The government should take a step back and let the market decide which vehicles consumers want to buy.

Written by Staff Reports

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