Biden Admin Whisks Away Anti-Israel Tweet – Where’s the Outrage?

The Biden administration is once again under fire, this time for deleting a tweet that offered a weak condemnation of the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. The now-deleted tweet expressed a wish for peace and called for all sides to refrain from violence, as if Israel is somehow equally to blame for the bloodshed. It is a disgrace that our government would even suggest such a thing.

As of Monday, the death toll in Israel has reached over 800, with nearly 2,500 wounded. Hamas, a known terrorist organization, launched a massive attack on Israel over the weekend, raining down thousands of rockets on innocent civilians. To make matters worse, Hamas terrorists have also been kidnapping Israeli citizens and executing civilians.

Republicans are rightfully outraged by the Biden administration’s feeble response to this escalation of violence. Senator Ted Cruz boldly called for the expulsion of anyone involved in drafting and approving the tweet. He understands that now is not the time for weak condemnations, but for strong and unwavering support of our ally, Israel.

Not only are Republicans criticizing the administration, but even the State Department has expressed disapproval of the tweet. They have emphasized that the United States unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself. It is shameful that our own government cannot offer a clear and unwavering message of support for our ally.

Unfortunately, within the Democratic party, there are members who seem more interested in appeasing terrorists than standing up for our values and defending our allies. The “Squad” of progressive House Democrats offered milquetoast statements in response to the deadly attacks on Israel. They called for a ceasefire, but failed to acknowledge the true villains in this situation – the Hamas terrorists who initiated the violence.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in her statement, condemned the attack by Hamas but also somehow managed to imply that Israel is the one responsible for the ongoing oppression and occupation in the region. Her call for a ceasefire falls flat when she fails to recognize the source of the violence. It is deeply concerning that members of Congress like Ocasio-Cortez are more interested in virtue signaling than in standing up for our allies and condemning terrorism.

It is clear that the Biden administration and some members of the Democratic party are failing to show the strong and unwavering support that our ally Israel deserves. They must understand that a weak response only emboldens the terrorists and puts innocent lives at risk. It is time for them to step up and defend our values, defend our allies, and condemn the Hamas terrorists for their heinous acts of violence.

Written by Staff Reports

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