Biden Agrees to Just Two Debates with Trump Amid Criticism

In the latest news, there will be two presidential debates between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. The debates are scheduled for June 27 and September 10 after both sides reached an agreement on the calendar. This decision comes after Biden initially refused to participate in the Commission on Presidential Debates’ proposed schedule and instead agreed to only two debates with Trump.

However, some election watchers have expressed concern over Biden’s offer of just two debates, which breaks the tradition of three debates and leaves voters with fewer chances to see each candidate present their case. Critics argue that Biden’s attempt to limit the number of debates and hold them earlier in the election season is an attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

Additionally, Biden’s campaign has set forth several demands for the debates, including having no audience, excluding certain individuals, and only allowing outlets that are perceived as friendly to Biden. This move has drawn criticism from those who view it as an attempt to control the debate environment and limit potential challenges to Biden.

Furthermore, Biden’s decision to bypass the Presidential Commission on Debates has raised eyebrows, particularly among Republicans who see it as a departure from established norms and traditions. Critics argue that Biden, who is expected to uphold these traditions, is now avoiding participating in the traditional debate format.

Overall, the upcoming debates between Biden and Trump have generated a mix of reactions, with some praising the decision to hold the debates and others expressing concerns about the parameters set by Biden’s campaign. The debates are sure to be a highly anticipated and closely watched event as the election season continues.

Written by Staff Reports

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