Biden and Netanyahu Discuss Gaza Ceasefire Amid US Policy Flips

So, President Joe Biden decided to give Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a ring. The official story straight out of the White House is that Sleepy Joe and Bibi were discussing progress on a ceasefire agreement in Gaza. One can only hope that Biden managed to stay awake through the whole thing, considering his dismal performance in the recent 2024 debate and his struggle to keep his own party’s support behind him.

Of course, calling in the big guns isn’t new for Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly tagged along on the call. While the White House conveniently forgot to mention her role, Fox News didn’t miss a beat in revealing she’s been a regular in these talks since Hamas launched its attacks on October 7th. Somebody’s got to make sure Joe doesn’t lose track of what country he’s dealing with, right?

Senior White House officials, eager to shine some good light amid Biden’s ongoing blunders, spun this phone call as a breakthrough in a “critical impasse” over the Hamas ceasefire proposals. Peppered with rosy language, they claimed the Israelis showed a “pretty significant opening” towards a ceasefire. Apparently, Hamas made some “significant adjustments” – probably one of the few adjustments Joe’s crew could actually interpret without a fiasco.

Relations between Biden and Netanyahu have been tense as of late. Biden boasts full U.S. support for Israel while simultaneously pausing crucial arms shipments to our closest ally in the Middle East. Netanyahu’s accusation back in June about halted arms supplies irked the Administration enough to deny it vehemently. Yet, Biden did put the brakes on an artillery shipment when trying to micromanage the IDF’s operations.

While Biden plans to chatter on about this latest ceasefire proposal with European leaders at the NATO summit, one must question whether more should be expected than just more talk. The White House, in a desperate bid for relevance, said Biden welcomed Netanyahu’s decision for more negotiations involving U.S., Qatari, and Egyptian mediators. Promises of “ironclad commitment” to Israel’s security were made, but actions speak louder than words, and the Biden Administration’s recent mixed signals don’t inspire much confidence.

Written by Staff Reports

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