Biden Belies His Own Statements by Vowing to Lock Up Republicans

The Democratic Party is at its wits’ end. It is becoming more difficult for them to maintain their grip on the nation. When Americans reject their extremist agenda, they will suffer greatly.

Returning to the center is the only logical course of action for the party. Get along with conservatives and put American principles ahead of anything else in your life. However, they have no plans to do so. Instead, they must prevent Republicans from regaining power by defeating them at the polls.

The Democratic Party is getting more and more authoritarian by the day. With his executive directives and disregard for the rule of law, President Biden has ignored judicial judgements (even those from the Supreme Court). He has also flouted constitutional principles by enabling illegal immigration to thrive.

Despite this, he blamed Republicans of attempting to destroy Democracy on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And he made a promise to put them away.

Incredibly tasty. Biden claims that Republicans are endangering our democracy. Then he makes a dictatorial promise to imprison his political adversaries.

Um… Joe, are you listening to yourself?

Biden’s criticisms of Republicans are both misguided and inaccurate. There is no one in the Republican Party, not even Trump, who is aiming to undermine democratic institutions.

It’s worth noting that Democrats, on the other hand, attempted to enact two laws that would have effectively federalized our elections, taking away states’ constitutional rights. Voter fraud would have been made lawful as a result of the repeal of the need for photo identification.

Yet President Joe Biden dares to suggest that the Republican Party is putting democracy at danger.

In his “Build Back Better” spending proposal, President Biden contains stunning abuses of our constitutional rights. In addition to the astronomical charges, there were also methods to track your driving behavior and petrol use. For now, that’s all there is to it. Americans’ constitutional liberties would have been curtailed if President Biden’s proposals had been implemented.

How can we know that our nation is under danger?

The way Kimmel and Biden characterize Republicans is priceless. Why? Because they have no idea that they are portraying Democrats to an exacting degree in their remarks. Protests, assaults on federal judges (including Supreme Court justices), and the welcoming of illegal immigrants are all encouraged by the Democratic Party. There is a growing movement against the rights of governments and the protections afforded to religious institutions, schools, and companies.

In contrast to this, Republicans should be imprisoned rather than Democrats.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insider.

Written by Staff Reports

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