Biden Bleeding Billions to Coddle Illegal Migrants!

The Biden administration is once again asking for more money, this time to fund a temporary housing program for migrant families who are illegally crossing the border. What a surprise! The plan, according to Axios, is supposed to give these families more freedom than traditional detention, but let’s be real, this is just another example of the Biden administration’s weak border policies.

As part of a $40 billion emergency funding request to Congress, Biden is asking for a whopping $2.7 billion for the Department of Homeland Security’s border efforts. And it’s no wonder, considering the massive increase in border arrests. Customs and Border Patrol recorded over 130,000 arrests along the southern border in July alone. That’s a huge jump from the 99,545 arrests in June. But hey, who needs border security when you can just throw money at the problem, right?

Migrant advocacy groups are condemning the detention of these families, but let’s not forget that they are breaking the law. The Biden administration might want to spin this as not “family detention,” but the fact is, they are still being held against their will. Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is demanding that Biden declare a national emergency at the border. And he’s got a good reason – the influx of migrants could cost the city a whopping $12 billion. But hey, as long as the Biden administration gets their progressive points, who cares about the American taxpayer, right?

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s border policies continue to be a disaster. They are more focused on appeasing migrant advocacy groups than actually enforcing our laws and protecting American citizens. It’s time for a change in leadership that will prioritize the safety and security of our nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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