Biden Blunder: BRICS Expansion Undermines US Power, Allies with Foes

In what seems to be yet another damning sign of Joe Biden’s flimsy economic and diplomatic leadership, along with China’s possible ascent as the foremost global superpower, the so-called BRICS group has decided to bring in five new countries to its fold.

The expansion poses significant implications for energy production and access, as well as for America’s ongoing influence on world affairs. Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Ethiopia are signing up for this multilateral trade organization, Bloomberg reported. And this is a big deal. BRICS is an acronym for its original members: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, which formed as an alternative to the G7.

Adding these new countries to BRICS could shift the balance of energy power, putting together some of the world’s largest energy producers with some of the biggest consumers in developing nations, as per Bloomberg. CNN has noted that the move brings the muscle of major oil-producing Gulf economies to the body, all while Russia and China have strengthened their ties with sanctions-stricken Iran.

This expansion is significant because it could undermine America’s standing as an economic powerhouse. And let’s not forget, economic security and national security go hand in hand.

With Argentina’s new president Javier Milei opting out of the BRICS invitation, it’s clear that some leaders are making choices that align with their values and interests. More than 30 other countries are reportedly looking to join BRICS soon.

What does this all mean for the United States? Well, it appears that these emerging-market nations may have decided that siding with BRICS rather than the U.S. is the smarter move financially. It’s a market union that could reduce the impact of any economic sanctions that the U.S. might impose during international conflicts, laying the groundwork for closer collaboration among many U.S. adversaries.

This expansion is a major win for China and the Putin regime, as it bolsters their global influence. China, in particular, is aiming to create an alternative world order, building stronger partnerships with key players across the globe. For Russia, this expansion provides a much-needed boost as it faces economic and diplomatic isolation.

As a consequence of the tragic conflict in Ukraine, authoritarian regimes in China, Russia, and Iran have grown closer, which is hardly good news for peace, freedom, and free markets. Reports have even surfaced suggesting that China’s yuan could potentially replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency for global transactions, a move that could further alter the global economic landscape.

Additionally, BRICS is reportedly considering a gold-based common currency to devalue both the U.S. dollar and the euro, which could have far-reaching consequences for the global economy.

All in all, this new world order is not the kind of globalization that the U.S. and the Western world had hoped for. It’s clear that the globalists’ vision is at odds with the direction the globe is taking.

This news points to the urgent need to safeguard America’s economic and diplomatic standing on the global stage. The 2024 election will be pivotal in determining the future of the United States. The Western Journal is dedicated to providing accurate coverage of this crucial event in a way that the establishment media will not. But we need your support to continue our mission. Will you stand with us to fight for America’s future?

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