Hunter Biden’s Greek Farce: Mythic Excuses for Real Scandals

The most recent installment in the continuous narrative surrounding Hunter Biden's legal issues resembles an eerie fusion of Greek mythology and entitled self-pity. In an attempt to portray himself as a victim of unjust treatment, the president's son compared himself to renowned deceased children in history in a recent court filing. In relation to a firearms case, Hunter's legal team argued that he had been "selectively charged" for political motives. Nevertheless, this is to be expected from an individual renowned for his notorious crack cocaine addiction and involvement in unlawful undertakings.

Hunter's attorney launched into a defense based on Greek mythology, drawing parallels between his client and Hector, the progeny of the King of Troy, who was purportedly "murdered" by Odysseus. Nevertheless, according to constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, Hector was defeated in a fair battle by Achilles. By invoking a case involving free education for the children of unauthorized immigrants to support the claim that the Constitution forbids the government from punishing children for the actions of their parents, Hunter's preposterous defense was further emphasized. Hunter further alluded to instances concerning unwed children requiring court protection by citing cases involving such children, while conveniently neglecting his own previous endeavors to forbid his daughter from adopting his surname.

However, there is more. Hunter further asserted that the very nature of "great privilege" renders children like himself susceptible to animosity, drawing parallels between his predicament and the lamentable destinies of children of political figures throughout history. Three criminal accusations against Hunter are associated with his firearm possession; in 2018, prosecutors discovered cocaine residue on his gun pouch. Notwithstanding this, additional potential infractions, such as acts of foreign registration or tax evasion, were not encompassed in the indictment.

Hunter demonstrated an extraordinary sense of entitlement by declining to enter into a plea bargain that could have conceivably expunged a felony gun violation from his record and spared him jail time. This conduct further solidifies the notion that he considers himself exempt from legal regulations and deserving of preferential treatment. With any luck, the courts will not yield to his endeavors to evade responsibility for his conduct.

The legal troubles of Hunter Biden ultimately serve as a paradigmatic illustration of entitled conduct and a ruse to evade repercussions. The consequences of this most recent court filing are yet to be determined, but one thing is certain: Hunter's actions and his efforts to evade accountability will continue to generate curiosity and speculation.

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