Biden Breaks Promise to Ohio Town After Disaster: Trump Steps Up While Biden Fails to Deliver

President Joe Biden’s promise to visit East Palestine, Ohio, where a toxic train derailment occurred over 50 days ago, appears to have been forgotten. Biden assured reporters on March 2 that he would visit the town impacted by the disaster at “some point,” but this has yet to occur.

On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed, and three days later, a controlled burn was conducted, which resulted in the release of chemicals into the environment. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claims that Biden still plans to visit East Palestine but refuses to say when he will make the trip.

Biden has provided contradictory statements regarding a visit to the Ohio town affected by the train derailment. During an interview in February, he stated that he had no intention of visiting “at this moment.” Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on February 22, providing water and cleaning supplies to affected residents.

Ohio residents continue to suffer the consequences of the federal government’s lack of response. William Hugar, an East Palestine local, expressed his frustration over the situation, noting that “the federal government, Biden, has not acknowledged East Palestine, so I’m a little bit unhappy about that.”

It seems like Biden was distracted with his love for China during the time of the disaster as he was “too busy popping Chinese balloons” according to a resident of East Palestine. Meanwhile, Trump prioritized the needs of people by visiting the town and giving out aid, which speaks a lot of words.

It is unacceptable that Biden has failed to visit and acknowledge the situation of East Palestine, Ohio. His lack of action shows that he is not accountable nor dependable, and it’s disappointing for the President of the United States.

Written by Staff Reports

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