Biden Bribes Ignored as Big Tech Silences Trump & Conservatives!

Donald Trump, the victim of yet another biased indictment, had his third run-in with the law, but it seems like no one is paying attention because, surprise surprise, more damning information has come to light about the Biden family’s bribery operation. It’s no wonder this scandalous revelation got buried under the media’s relentless obsession with Trump. But hey, this is old news for all you conservatives out there who had your eyes wide open.

Remember the Hunter Biden laptop story? That was the turning point when the public finally saw how the sausage is made when it comes to censorship. Thanks to reporter Matt Taibbi and others, the infamous Twitter Files report exposed the unholy alliance between Twitter and the FBI in their efforts to manipulate public opinion. Oh, they’ll deny it, but their actions speak louder than words.

Social media companies have been infiltrated by former spooks, turning them into propaganda machines. Take Twitter, for example. They locked out The New York Post, the brave souls who first broke the laptop story, from their account for days. They shamelessly blocked any links related to the scandal, effectively silencing the truth. And why stop at Twitter? If Twitter is the social media Stasi for Biden, then Facebook must be his personal secret police. Of course, they were involved too, removing posts about COVID, including innocent jokes and genuine information. How low can they go?

Just recently, Rep. Jim Jordan, a true champion of the people, shared subpoenaed documents that prove Facebook caved to pressure from the Biden White House. They willingly removed posts from the platform under the guise of combating COVID misinformation. It’s all part of their grand plan to control the narrative, even if it means suppressing the truth. When the White House tells you to jump, Facebook asks, “How high?”

The Biden administration and its lackeys in Silicon Valley claimed that Americans were hesitant to get vaccinated because of content they saw on Facebook. That’s right, they blamed Facebook for their own failures. Biden even had the audacity to say that they were “killing people.” And what happened next? Facebook executives, like good little lapdogs, scrambled to change their policies on COVID-19 content to align with the Biden administration’s demands.

Once upon a time, these social media giants were admired for their independence and commitment to free speech. But how the tides have turned. In just a few short years, they’ve gone from champions of free expression to state-run influence shops. They hired former intelligence officers to help suppress conservative voices and push the left-wing agenda. It’s like having a politburo right here in our own backyard.

Folks, it’s a sad state of affairs when these once-respected companies are now nothing more than tools of the liberal mob. We must stand up against this blatant censorship and manipulation. Our voices deserve to be heard, no matter how much they try to suppress us. Let’s not let the tech giants become the thought police. We must fight for freedom of speech and protect the truth from being buried under their biased agendas.

Written by Staff Reports

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