Uncovered! Biden’s ‘Lovely Letter’ to Devon Archer Raises Eyebrows

In an explosive interview with Tucker Carlson, Devon Archer revealed the shady business dealings of Joe and Hunter Biden that have landed them in hot water. The judge rightly dismissed Hunter Biden’s cupcake plea deal, as it was a mockery of justice to let him off without any jail time for tax and gun charges. But the real bombshell is the FBI’s FD-1023 report, which confirms the sleazy government access deals that the Biden duo was involved in. We’ve known for months about the $10 million they received from Burisma, which they coerced from the company. And while the media has tried to brush it off, there is evidence that Mykola Zlochevsky, the co-founder of Burisma and an alleged source for Russian intelligence, kept records of the payments and recorded calls with the Bidens. This shows their deep involvement in the company and raises serious questions about their ties to foreign governments. 

But it’s not just the money that’s concerning. Hunter Biden’s recently released emails to Devon Archer reveal that he was worried about potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. And it turns out that Joe Biden was not just discussing the weather with Archer during their frequent phone calls. These calls coincided with important business deals, and Archer admitted to Carlson that Joe’s presence on the phone was a demonstration to clients that they would have special access in Washington, DC. This further confirms the influence-peddling operation that the Bidens had set up.

And the financial misconduct doesn’t end there. The Bidens funneled mountains of cash into shell companies, leading to over 170 suspicious activity reports from six different banks. Archer himself admits that this was an abuse of soft power. It’s clear that the Bidens were using their positions of influence to enrich themselves, while sacrificing the interests of the American people. And let’s not forget the letter that Joe Biden sent to Archer in 2011, where he expressed his happiness that Archer and Hunter were partners in their investment firm. Despite Joe’s claims that he never discussed business with his son, this letter proves otherwise.

All of this points to the fact that the Bidens were running a corrupt operation, selling out their country for personal gain. And they went to great lengths to hide their tracks, using shell companies and other family members to divert the proceeds from these deals. It’s thanks to Hunter Biden’s laptop that these secrets have come to light, and now Joe Biden is facing potential impeachment. If only he had chosen to retire and enjoy his ill-gotten gains instead of returning to public life. But as they say, the truth will always come out, and the Bidens are learning that the hard way.

Written by Staff Reports

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