Biden Bust: September Jobs Report Plummets, Economy In Distress!

The September jobs report has been released, and it’s not looking good for the Biden administration. The U.S. economy only added 89,000 private-sector jobs in September, falling far short of the expected 160,000 jobs. This is a disappointment for the American people and an embarrassment for the Biden administration, although they don’t seem capable of feeling embarrassed.

The numbers for August were also revised, showing an addition of 180,000 jobs to the economy. However, the current decline in jobs is alarming. Nela Richardson, chief economist for ADP, stated that there is a steepening decline in jobs this month, along with a steady decline in wages over the past 12 months.

Leisure and hospitality jobs were the driving force behind the job gains in September, with 92,000 jobs added. However, transportation jobs decreased by 13,000 and business services jobs dropped by 32,000. This imbalance is concerning and highlights the struggles in certain sectors of the economy.

The fact that small and medium-sized businesses added 167,000 jobs while large companies shed 83,000 jobs is worth noting. It seems that the burden of job creation is falling on smaller businesses, while larger companies are letting employees go. This is not a sustainable pattern for long-term economic growth.

Furthermore, the reliance on leisure and hospitality jobs for job gains is a cause for concern. These types of jobs are typically low-paying and do not offer generous benefits. It would be more encouraging to see growth in high-paying sectors like manufacturing, which traditionally provide better job opportunities. Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector is struggling to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This disappointing jobs report is a wake-up call for the Biden administration. As a conservative republican, it is clear to see that their policies are not driving the economic growth and prosperity that the American people need. It is essential for the government to cut spending, cut regulations, and get out of the way of the private sector. The government does not create jobs; it is innovators and entrepreneurs who drive job growth and economic prosperity.

If the United States is to achieve lasting prosperity, we need to prioritize the success of creators and innovators. This means allowing them the freedom and flexibility to create new products and services that people are willing to pay for. The government needs to step aside and let the private sector thrive. It is the only way to overcome our current spending and debt crisis. The American people deserve better, and it’s time for the Biden administration to take the necessary steps to improve the economy and create a favorable environment for job growth.

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Biden Bust: September Jobs Report Plummets, Economy In Distress!