Biden Campaign Uses Past Trump Border Policies to Court Latino Votes

The Biden campaign is reminding voters about the Trump administration’s tough immigration policy at the southern border, six years after it was put in place. They are using a new digital ad to highlight this and suggest it was a bad strategy. They claim Donald Trump separated families to discourage people from coming into the country illegally and that Trump had celebrated these policies. The Biden administration has reunited about 700 separated families as of last summer, with First Lady Jill Biden taking the lead on this effort.

According to the Biden campaign, if Trump is reelected, he will be even harsher towards immigrants and won’t do anything to fix the immigration system. They say that the American people will see through Trump’s tactics and reject his cruelty.

However, the Trump campaign argues that President Biden’s reversal of Trump’s immigration policies has led to a crisis at the southern border and the highest rates of human trafficking ever recorded. They say that Trump will reinstate his effective immigration policies and implement new crackdowns to stop criminal smugglers. They also promise to carry out the largest deportation operation in American history targeting illegal criminals, drug dealers, and human traffickers.

The Biden campaign plans to target Latino voters in battleground states with this ad, as polls indicate that Biden is losing support among this demographic. They are hoping to reach out to this group and gain more support for Biden. On the other hand, Trump’s favorability rating has slightly improved since December 2022, which suggests that he still has significant support among the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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