Biden Coddles Iran, Israel Left in Crosshairs!

Attention all patriots and freedom-lovers, buckle up for this shocking news! Iran, you know, the country that loves to chant “Death to America”, is reportedly considering an attack on our great ally, Israel. And do you know who’s to blame for this potential mess? None other than the one and only Joe Biden. Yes, folks, you heard it right. The Biden administration’s weak and feckless foreign policy has emboldened Iran to stir up trouble in the Middle East once again.

It’s no secret that Iran has been funding and arming terrorist groups in the region, and now they’re threatening our ally Israel because they’re angry about the killing of Quds Force fighters in Syria. But what’s Biden’s response to this imminent threat? Well, instead of showing strength and resolve, he’s been cozying up to the mullahs in Tehran, desperately trying to revive the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. It’s like he’s handing them a bouquet of roses while they’re sharpening their swords to attack Israel.

Let’s not forget, folks, that Iran has never been a friend to the United States or Israel. They have American blood on their hands and have constantly plotted against our allies. So, it’s absolutely outrageous that the Biden administration is bending over backwards to appease a regime that sponsors terrorism and openly calls for the destruction of Israel.

We need a leader who stands with our allies, not one who emboldens our enemies. It’s time for America to show strength and unwavering support for Israel in the face of these despicable threats from Iran. And it’s time for Biden to wake up and realize that his weak-kneed approach to foreign policy is putting our allies in grave danger.

Written by Staff Reports

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