Biden Ducks House Speaker Battle, Vows to Work with Anyone!

President Biden has opted not to take a stance in the competition for the new House speaker role, stating that he must collaborate with whomever ultimately assumes the position. In his own words, Biden expressed, "I will make an effort to collaborate with whomever holds the House speaker position. They control half of Congress, and I will endeavor to work with them. Some may prove more cooperative than others, but regardless of the speaker, I will strive to work together."

When questioned about his ability to cooperate with Rep. Jim Jordan, a vocal critic and Ohio Republican endorsed by former President Donald Trump for the speaker's position, Biden diplomatically avoided giving a direct response. It is evident that a Speaker Jordan would exacerbate the existing tension between the two.

Amid the tumultuous events on Capitol Hill, President Biden has largely remained removed from the chaos. Following the removal of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, Biden has chosen to stay on the sidelines, emphasizing his commitment to addressing the pressing issues.

In a recent address, Biden called for a shift in the "toxic atmosphere in Washington" and urged lawmakers to unite in supporting Ukraine funding. He stressed the importance of political rivals transcending their differences and collaborating. However, whether this appeal for unity will be embraced by the House remains uncertain, as there is much work ahead.

Overall, President Biden's approach to the House Speaker race has been one of cautious impartiality. While acknowledging the forthcoming challenges and potential complexities in working with certain individuals, he remains dedicated to discovering common ground and nurturing bipartisanship in Congress.

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