Biden family caught in cash-for-influence scandal with China – White House dodges questions!

In another surprising disclosure regarding the Biden family, it has come to light that they were given money by a Chinese company. This week, Fox News reported that the House Oversight Committee had acquired bank records that indicate members of the Biden family received cash from a Chinese firm. This has generated additional inquiries as to whether President Joe Biden's actions were influenced by his son's commercial transactions.

The political world has been shaken by this news, but the White House has remained unusually quiet on the matter. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, has accused Republicans of disseminating falsehoods and inaccuracies concerning the matter, indicating once more that the Biden administration is not inclined to be transparent.

As per the Washington Examiner, when Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy questioned Jean-Pierre about the matter, she evaded the issue and declined to provide a substantial response or comment. This strategy is undeniably unusual and implies that the White House is attempting to sidestep the problem rather than confront it directly.

Chairman James Comer's memo, as cited by Fox News, highlights that in 2017, a Chinese company known as State Energy HK Limited transferred $3 million to a bank account under the name of Robinson Walker, LLC. Subsequently, more than a million dollars was routed to James Gillar, an associate of Hunter Biden, who further disbursed the funds to the president's brother, son, and daughter-in-law.

Despite the existence of evidence to the contrary, Biden and his team have clung to a position that aligns with Jean-Pierre's, refuting the accusations and affirming that they are purely fabrications. This is merely another instance of the Biden team's reluctance to take responsibility for their actions or clarify their dubious conduct.

For those who are observant, it is evident that the Biden family's ties to China are highly concerning, and the citizens of the United States are entitled to explanations. We must urge the administration to be transparent and responsible for any unethical or illicit actions that they may have taken.

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