Biden Gets Free Pass on Classified Docs: Age Over Accountability?

The report on Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information is about as surprising as a cold winter in North Dakota. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s findings are a conservative’s dream come true and a liberal’s nightmare. It’s like stumbling upon a treasure chest full of gold coins while the other side is left with a rusted tin can.

Hur’s report reveals that Joe Biden willfully held onto classified documents, yet the spineless Justice Department decided not to press charges, citing Biden’s age and mental acuity. In other words, they labeled him as too feeble to face the consequences of his actions. It’s a convenient excuse that conveniently protects the former vice president.

The parallels between Biden and Hillary Clinton are becoming clearer by the day. Both have escaped legal repercussions for their careless handling of sensitive information. The Justice Department might as well have hung a sign on Biden’s door saying, “Do as you please, Joe, and we’ll look the other way.”

The reaction from the conservative camp has been swift and merciless. Fox News’ Peter Doocy didn’t mince words, calling the report “very embarrassing” for an octogenarian president. The sentiment is echoed throughout the right-leaning media, with and legal expert Jonathan Turley shining a light on the blatant double standard.

Donald Trump Jr. didn’t miss the opportunity to highlight the hypocrisy of the situation. He, alongside other legal pundits, lambasted the notion that Biden is too mentally compromised to stand trial but magically competent enough to handle the nuclear codes and lead the country. It’s a head-scratcher, that’s for sure.

But the real entertainment came from the left itself. A former Obama aide, Tommy Vietor, attempted a comical defense of Biden, suggesting that the October 7 terror attack in Israel may have caused Biden’s memory lapses. Progressives and even fellow left-leaning reporters couldn’t help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of the excuse. It was a rare moment of unity in a polarized political landscape.

The report doesn’t just let Biden off the hook; it also pulls back the curtain on the White House’s facade of competence. The image of Biden as an energetic and sharp-minded leader has been shattered by the hard truths laid out in Hur’s report. The DOJ might have spared Biden from legal repercussions, but they couldn’t save him from the damaging blow to his credibility and the administration’s competency.

In the end, the report is a conservative’s cherry on top of a conservative sundae. It’s the kind of gift that keeps on giving, exposing the flaws and double standards that have plagued the Biden administration since day one. And for those who still believed in the fairy tale of Biden’s mental prowess, well, it’s time to wake up and smell the classified documents.

Written by Staff Reports

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