Biden Hush-Hush on Yuma Border Wall Completion: What’s the Hidden Agenda?

In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden’s administration has quietly completed significant sections of the border wall in Yuma, Arizona. Republican state representative Michele Pena confirmed the completion of the wall, stating that the four gaps needed on the south side near Morelos Dam have been filled with new material. This goes against Biden’s previous executive order to halt all border wall construction. Pena and radio host Russ Clark visited the site and witnessed the newly constructed sections, while the materials from the previous administration were left untouched.

It is outrageous that the Biden administration would spend over $10 million on constructing less than half a mile of wall fixes with brand new materials, while neglecting the existing materials. Pena revealed that the government even sold off some of the materials from the Trump-era wall. This shows a blatant disregard for fiscal responsibility and a lack of commitment to securing the border.

Pena, who grew up in Yuma County, expressed her disappointment in the current situation. Under the Obama administration, there was an increase in illegal immigration and deportations. However, the border became secure under President Trump, with strict policies in place to prevent unauthorized crossings. Unfortunately, as soon as Biden took office, the rush to the border resumed, with an increase in drug trafficking as well.

Furthermore, it is evident that the construction of the border wall in Arizona was a response to political pressure from farmers. The sections that were completed are located in areas with significant population and agriculture. It is disheartening to see that the Biden administration is more concerned with appeasing certain interest groups than with ensuring the safety and security of our nation’s borders.

Overall, this latest development regarding the completion of the border wall in Yuma highlights the inconsistencies and failures of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. It is clear that their focus is not on protecting the American people or upholding the rule of law, but rather on pursuing a partisan agenda that puts our national security at risk.

Written by Staff Reports

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