Biden Ignores Pro-Hamas Acts at Columbia While Targeting Concerned Parents

President Biden’s lack of action against pro-Hamas students at Columbia University highlights a concerning contrast with his administration’s past actions. The President, known for stumbling through speeches, recently sparked outrage by apologizing for referring to a murderer as an “illegal alien.” This gesture raised questions about who Biden truly represents – criminals or law-abiding Americans.

The disturbing footage from Columbia University showing students intimidating Jewish peers underscores the left’s acceptance of racism against certain groups. The situation mirrors the Nazi regime’s scapegoating of Jewish people, blaming them for societal issues they are not responsible for. Despite calls for protection from Senator Josh Hawley, law enforcement has failed to secure the campus, leaving Jewish students vulnerable to harassment.

In contrast, the Biden administration swiftly targeted parents opposing radical activism in schools in 2021, labeling them as “domestic terrorists.” The excessive scrutiny faced by concerned parents starkly contrasts with the lack of action against students perpetuating racism on campus. The administration’s skewed priorities reveal a concerning contempt for law-abiding citizens and a leniency towards criminal behavior.

This disparity in response prompts the question: who does President Biden truly serve? The administration’s aggressive stance towards parents and selective enforcement of justice raises doubts about its allegiance to the American people. As the country grapples with rising crime and divisive policies, it is crucial for citizens to stay informed and engaged in the political process. The upcoming elections present an opportunity to voice concerns and hold leaders accountable for their actions.


Written by Staff Reports

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