Biden Kills US Energy, Boosts China & Russia: Grand Canyon Drilling Fiasco

In a stunning display of eco-zealotry, President Joe Biden took a break from napping in his basement to announce his latest attack on American energy and prosperity. Seated near the majestic Grand Canyon, Biden declared his intention to halt oil and natural gas drilling in vast swaths of our great nation. As if the disastrous border crisis wasn’t enough, Biden is shamelessly pandering to the radical left by politicizing one of America’s most treasured landmarks.

The ramifications of Biden’s decision are far-reaching and deeply troubling. By placing a million acres off limits for drilling and mining through the establishment of a new National Monument, Biden is not only ignoring national security and economic prosperity but also disregarding Tribal sovereignty. The audacity of this man knows no bounds. It’s clear that he is more interested in appeasing his far-left base than protecting the interests of hardworking Americans.

Arizona Congressman Eli Crane, a voice of reason in these tumultuous times, aptly summarized the situation. “Uranium is critical to American energy and security, and this ridiculous political posturing only makes us more reliant on foreign nations such as China and Russia,” Crane declared. He understands the dangerous consequences of Biden’s actions, which will only lead to increased dependence on hostile foreign powers. It’s as if Biden is actively trying to weaken America on the global stage.

But it doesn’t end there. The Biden Administration’s relentless assault on American energy independence also means devastating economic repercussions. Northern Arizona, already struggling under the weight of Biden’s oppressive policies, will lose billions due to this federal land grab. It’s almost as if Biden doesn’t care about hardworking Americans and their livelihoods. His woke government overreach tramples over the American people and puts the interests of the radical left above everything else.

As if the economic consequences weren’t enough, we must also face the reality of rising gas prices. While Biden is busy depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve without a concrete plan to refill it, everyday Americans are feeling the pinch at the pump. It’s like a never-ending nightmare where we’re being forced to choose between emptying wallets and empty gas tanks. All the while, Biden is patting himself on the back for his “environmentally friendly” policies, oblivious to the struggles he’s causing for the American people.

Let’s be clear: Biden’s agenda is an embodiment of the America Last approach. Whether it’s stifling American energy independence, undermining national security, or crippling the economy, Biden has shown time and time again that his true allegiance lies with the radical left. It’s time for conservatives to stand up and fight against this onslaught on American values and prosperity. Our country deserves better than an out-of-touch president who prioritizes his own political agenda over the well-being of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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