DeSantis Dethroned: Ramaswamy Rises as New GOP Dark Horse

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential dreams are quickly turning into a nightmare, as a national poll of GOP voters reveals that he has fallen to third place behind businessman Vivek Ramaswamy. It seems like DeSantis can’t catch a break these days, as his support dwindles and a growing number of Republicans seek an alternative candidate.

The survey conducted by the GOP pollster, Cygnal, showed that Ramaswamy now holds 11 percent of support, while poor DeSantis lags behind at a measly 10 percent. Let’s not forget, though, that both of them are light-years away from the legendary former President Donald Trump, who effortlessly commands a staggering 53 percent support. So, while Ramaswamy may be celebrating his newfound success, he still has a long way to go before he can even dream of reaching the Trumpian heights.

Ramaswamy has positioned himself as the dark horse candidate, ready to outwork his opponents and take on protestors. He has certainly capitalized on DeSantis’s recent missteps, including a disastrous online rollout and the firing of his campaign manager and staff members. It seems like the Florida Governor can’t get anything right these days, and Ramaswamy is poised to swoop in and steal the spotlight.

One of the keys to Ramaswamy’s sudden rise has been his unwavering defense of the beloved former president. Trump supporters are desperate for loyalty, and Ramaswamy has proven himself to be the faithful lapdog they’ve been looking for. Not only has he pledged to pardon Trump if elected, but he has even gone as far as filing a Freedom of Information Act request, accusing special counsel Jack Smith of politicizing Trump’s federal indictments. Now, that’s dedication!

Meanwhile, poor DeSantis finds himself in a tight spot. He’s struggled to define himself in the race without alienating Trump’s die-hard supporters. In a recent blunder, he dared to suggest that Trump lost the 2020 election, which is practically heresy among GOP voters who firmly believe in the “Stop the Steal” narrative. Even Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News who originally championed DeSantis as an alternative to Trump, has seemingly lost faith in the governor’s prospects. It’s a classic case of “the fall from grace.”

As the Republican National Committee’s first debate approaches, Ramaswamy has the golden opportunity to expand his profile and make a lasting impression. He can take advantage of DeSantis’s downward spiral and make himself the voice of reason and unwavering devotion to Trump. Who knows, maybe Ramaswamy could even give the former president a run for his money? One thing’s for sure, DeSantis better come up with something extraordinary to salvage his floundering campaign. Otherwise, he might just find himself permanently stuck in third place. Ouch!


Written by Staff Reports

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