Biden Leaves $7B of Military Equipment to Taliban: America’s Enemies Now Better Equipped Than Ever

Twitter users are not shying away from expressing their frustration and anger towards President Biden’s disastrous and haphazard Afghanistan withdrawal. The latest photos circulating on the internet have revealed the Taliban in possession of military equipment worth an estimated $7 billion, which the Biden administration left behind without a second thought. The equipment includes helicopters, high-tech weaponry, cutting-edge communications gear, and even night vision goggles – all now in the hands of America’s enemies.

Despite this distressing news, the Pentagon has chosen to downplay the severity of the situation, which only confirms the apathetic approach the Biden administration has taken towards this issue. Rather than showing a willingness to confront and address the situation, the Department of Defense spokesperson released a statement last year claiming the $7 billion equipment was not directly provided by the US military.

One can only imagine the anxiety that must be felt by the brave soldiers who fought to keep this equipment out of the Taliban’s hands, only to have it given to them on a silver platter by their own Commander in Chief.

It’s increasingly clear that the Biden’s administration is failing both our troops and America itself. The radical Democrats used the debacle in Afghanistan as a political stunt to showcase how quickly they were able to withdraw, without any consideration for the consequences of their actions. Now, the entire world is laughing at us as the Taliban flaunts their newly acquired American equipment while propagating dangerous messages against the United States.

This begs the question – how many more American weapons will terrorists gather from our careless and thoughtless leaders, under the guise of “withstanding” their enemies? The Biden administration needs to be held accountable for their inadequacies and take swift action to rectify the situation, otherwise, history is set to repeat itself.

Written by Staff Reports

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