Biden Refuses to Pardon Son Hunter, Respects Judicial Outcome at G7

President Joe Biden reiterated his decision not to pardon his son, Hunter, in a recent video posted to a social media platform. He proudly expressed his admiration for his son’s strength in overcoming addiction. During a Group of Seven meeting in Italy, President Biden declared that he would respect the jury’s decision and not grant a pardon or commute his son’s sentence.
The President’s stance on not pardoning Hunter Biden was clear, and he confirmed his decision not to commute his son’s sentence when asked by a reporter. 

Additionally, the President’s press secretary declined to answer a question regarding possibly commuting Hunter Biden’s sentence. President Biden had previously stated that he would rule out a pardon for his son before he was convicted on three felony charges for lying on a gun application.

In a personal statement, President Biden expressed his love and pride for his son, acknowledging the struggles many families face with loved ones battling addiction. He also stated that he would accept the case's outcome and continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal.

Although Hunter Biden’s conviction could result in a lengthy prison sentence, legal experts suggest that a non-incarceration sentence is more likely for him due to various favorable factors. Specifically, they noted that the federal sentencing guidelines for first-time offenders typically result in lighter sentences. As the sentencing date has not been set, the range of possibilities remains open.

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Written by Staff Reports

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