Biden Repeats Distortion of Trump’s Words in Campaign Strategy

Five years ago, Joe Biden began his 2020 presidential campaign by spreading a false narrative about President Trump’s remarks on the Charlottesville rally. Biden claimed Trump supported hate groups, misrepresenting the President’s words.

President Trump’s reference to “very fine people on both sides” was about those discussing the Confederate statues, not the violent extremists. Trump explicitly condemned neo-Nazis and white nationalists, but the truth didn’t fit Biden’s narrative.

Biden’s misinformation continues, as seen in his recent comparison of pro-Israel and pro-Hamas protesters at Columbia University. By equating both sides, he echoed the same skewed logic he accused Trump of using in Charlottesville.

It’s disappointing to see Biden perpetuate divisive lies for political gain. The media’s silence on his misleading statements demonstrates their bias. Conservative voices must continue to challenge falsehoods and hold leaders accountable for their words.

Written by Staff Reports

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