Biden Rides Affirmative Action Horse in Reelection Race!

In response to the Supreme Court's ruling that prevented most colleges from implementing affirmative action, the Biden administration released a list of suggestions aimed at encouraging institutions to adopt diversity.

Miguel Cardona, the Education Secretary, emphasized the importance of upholding equal justice and opportunity during a time of crisis. He noted that his grandfather was a sugarcane farmer from Puerto Rico. In response to this, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice have issued guidelines aimed at increasing diversity in higher education. One of these involves allowing students to discuss their experiences with race and how it affected them.

Although these guidelines are legally not binding, they can help schools and universities comply with the Supreme Court' rulings that found race-based factors in admissions to be unlawful. Cardona expressed his concerns about the dwindling number of minority students being admitted to colleges within states that have banned the practice.

Critics of the guidelines claim that they do not go far enough in addressing the concerns of the Supreme Court and that they undermine the court's ruling. They also believe that racial classifications are counterproductive and do not contribute to diversity. Some Republicans and Democrats are targeting certain practices, such as the use of legacy admissions and the admission of children of donors, as they maintain a class system and perpetuate discrimination.

The issue of race-based admissions is likely to be a major factor in the presidential campaign of 2024 as the White House tries to connect with voters who support this practice. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that a majority of Americans disapprove of the practice, but support for it among Democrats.

Despite the Supreme Court ruling that prohibited most colleges from implementing racial quotas, the Biden administration's commitment to increasing diversity in education is still strong. Conservatives, on the other hand, claim that the guidelines undermine the concept of true diversity. The 2024 presidential campaign will likely see debates and discussions about these issues, as these are important to both the Democratic and Republican parties' constituents.

Written by Staff Reports

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