Biden Shamelessly Jabs Tucker Carlson At White House Dinner

The White House Correspondents Dinner has once again shown the blatant bias and sycophancy of the mainstream media towards the Democratic Party. In his speech, Biden took a cheap shot at journalist Tucker Carlson from Fox News, whom they despise for his unwavering criticism of the Biden regime’s attacks on freedom of the press. Instead of booing, the press corps applauded him for this petty attack, showing their complete disregard for journalistic ethics and professionalism.

The double standards and bias didn’t stop there. Biden also took jabs at Republicans such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis, and Kevin McCarthy, while the Washington Post’s Matt Viser was awarded for his cheerleading glow-up of Joe Biden. This “journalist” conveniently overlooks all of Biden’s failures in office, including his family’s corruption, his botched Covid response, and his unconstitutional proxy war.

It’s clear that the White House press corps has fully embraced their role as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, colluding with Big Tech to suppress accurate reporting on topics ranging from Hunter Biden to Covid to the U.S. proxy war in Europe. They have abandoned their duty to hold those in power accountable and instead have become sycophantic sheep, applauding and rewarding their chosen politicians no matter how disastrous their policies are for the nation.

It’s time for the American people to demand real journalism that promotes truth, a diversity of opinions, and a commitment to unbiased reporting. Until then, we will continue to be fed lies and propaganda by a mainstream media that has abandoned its responsibility to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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